Update for HBPA Purchase Claim Incentive and Shipping Incentive

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June 26, 2023

Leduc, Alberta – The HBPA of Alberta is pleased to share an update on the very successful 2023 Purchase Claim Incentive Program and the 2023 Shipping Incentive Program. The programs were introduced in the fall of 2021 as part of Horse Racing Alberta’s Racehorse Procurement Incentive Programs. HBPA of Alberta was allocated $200,000 to fund the 2023 Purchase Claim and Shipping Programs.

From September 2022 until June 2023, 77 applications for the Purchase Claim Incentive Program and 14 applications for the Shipping Incentive Program were received. The programs were oversubscribed, and 21 horses were waitlisted.

The Board is pleased that additional funding is approved and horses on the waitlist will be eligible for the payments from the programs once qualifying starts are completed.

“Thank you to Horse Racing Alberta and the HBPA of Alberta board for supporting both programs and offering tangible benefits to owners in Alberta,” says Mike Vanin, HBPA Executive Director, “both of these programs have proven to be a model for success to increase the racehorse population. We look forward to seeing the additional horses on the track, and potentially the breeding shed in the future.”

The programs offer measurable incentives to bring new horses to race in Alberta. The funding helps offset the costs of purchasing, claiming and shipping. The success of the program proves how beneficial the programs are to owners.

HBPA Of Alberta represents Owners and/or Trainers of thoroughbred racehorses competing at ‘A’ Tracks in Alberta. The HBPA is an organization to provide the horsemen with an authoritative, united voice providing representation in the conduct of racing. It serves to protect and maintain the interests of the owners, trainers, and employees who have an investment in the Thoroughbred racing industry in Alberta.

Mike Vanin

Cell: 403-860-2215

Email: [email protected]

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