2023 Alberta Bred Program

It pays to buy an Alberta Bred!

The HBPA of Alberta would like to announce an Alberta Bred 2 and 3 year-old Maiden Special Weight program for the 2023 race season at Century Mile Racetrack.  HBPA, in agreement with Century Mile’s Race Manager, will write 3 year old colts and geldings, and 3 year old fillies Alberta-Bred Maiden special weight, once a month with a purse of $35,000.00 for May, June, and July.  For August, September, and October there will be one per month of 3 year old Alberta Bred Maiden Special Weight.

There will also be a 2-year-old Alberta-Bred Maiden combining colts and fillies, once a month with a purse of $35,000.00 from July through October.

*Races must contain a minimum of 6 entries before being considered.  

The HBPA of AB reserves the right to combine, cancel, or change scheduling of these races.

2023 Alberta Sired Program

The HBPA of Alberta would like to announce an Alberta Sired Program for the 2023 race season.  For any Alberta Sired 2 year-old, they will receive a one-time bonus of $5000.00 when they break their maiden at any level other than Stakes and the $35,000.00 Alberta bred races at Century tracks in 2023.

In addition to these, we are continuing with the 3 year-old colts and geldings and 3 year-old fillies stakes races for Alberta Sired offspring.  Each stakes race will be worth $50,000.00.

*Races must contain a minimum of 6 entries. 

The HBPA may amend programs from time to time.

Your Best Bet is an Alberta Thoroughbred!

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