A racehorse groom is a vital member of a racing stable’s team, dedicated to the well-being of racehorses. They ensure the horses are in prime physical condition and provide a stress-free environment. This includes daily care, grooming, and monitoring of health.

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Pony Rider

A pony rider serves as the skilled rider guiding a racehorse to the track and ultimately to the starting gate. These experienced riders not only assist jockeys in maintaining control over their mounts but also play a pivotal role in soothing and steadying the racehorses, ensuring a composed and focused demeanor before the race begins.

Exercise Rider

An exercise rider is a crucial member of a horse racing team responsible for conditioning and training racehorses. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the horses’ physical fitness, improving their performance, and working with trainers to prep horse for competition.

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The Professional Racetrack Exercise Rider Program is a “Learn and Earn” concept program that will give you the confidence and skill to become a professional licensed Exercise Rider and Groom

 Exercise Riders Program

Professional Groom Program


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