The new Western Canadian Triple Crown in thoroughbred racing not only has a nice ring to it, there is also an awareness of companionship attached that transmits goodwill within the sport.

That is precisely the feeling shared among Assiniboia Downs, Century Mile, and Hastings Racecourse as the three western racetracks band together to present a combined Derby extravaganza during the 2023 live racing season.

The Western Canadian Triple Crown connects the $125,000 Manitoba Derby (August 7), the $200,000 G3 Canadian Derby in Alberta (August 26) and $125,000 G3 British Columbia Derby (September 16). In addition to $450,000 in purse money, there will be an additional $100,000 bonus should a horse win
all three of the prestigious Derby events.

“To link a meaningful financial bonus to the already robust purse offerings should only elevate the participation and competitiveness of the races,” says Darren Dunn, Assiniboia Downs Chief Executive Officer. “It also results in a rewarding outcome for both the racing fans and related horse connections. We are excited to work collaboratively with our western provincial partners who are so energized to put an even brighter spotlight on these historic Derby events.”

Allen Goodsell, Racing Manager at Century Casinos, saluted officials at both Assiniboia Downs and Hastings Racecourse for their participation. “This initiative will bring additional fanfare and excitement to Western Canada’s premier races for three-year-olds,” Goodsell said. “We look forward to additional collaboration in the future which only strengthens our collective industries.”

Nichelle Milner, BC Director of Racing, is pleased Manitoba and Alberta asked Hastings Racecourse to be involved in the concept. “A Western Canadian Triple Crown has such great potential. I can see eventually awarding points for first, second and third place finishes and have the top three connections profit from it. We’re thrilled to be part of it.”

Western Canadian Triple Crown

$125,000 Manitoba Derby

Assiniboia Downs
Monday, August 7, 2023

$200,000 Canadian Derby (G3)

Century Mile
Saturday, August 26, 2023

$125,000 BC Derby (G3)

Hastings Racecourse
Saturday, September 16, 2023

$100,000 bonus to the owner who wins all three of the 2023 Derby events.

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